Interglobe Marine Surveyors offers a wide range of commercial survey, inspection, sampling and testing services with supporting Certificates and other relevant documentation, including, but not limited to the following:

1. Hold and Tank Cleanliness/Condition Surveys – vessel’s cargo worthiness, including hold or tank condition and cleanliness and the general suitability to load a particular cargo;

2. Vessel’s of On/Off Surveys – vessels’ hold condition and/or bunker on board at time of “on/off hire”;

3. Compliance Surveys – verifying the Vessel’ suitability to carry cargoes governed by rules or codes, such as grain, bulk cargoes, timber deck cargoes and hazardous goods; and the practical application of local laws and customs of the trade;

4. Cargo Pre-Loading Surveys – Verify its condition by recording all visible damage before shipment and/or at the warehouse

5. Heavy-Lift & Project Cargo Surveys – cargo condition/handling/stowage before and during loading are mostly done on behalf of shippers, underwriters, carriers.


  1. Pre-Shipment Surveys – surveys of break-bulk cargo to ensure that bills of lading and/or mate’s receipts accurately note the apparent condition of cargo when it is loaded.
  2. Out-turn Surveys – surveys of break-bulk cargo on arrival at the discharge port, establish condition, probable cause of damages and cargo losses.


  1. Draft Surveys – surveys to determine the quantity of a bulk cargo loaded/discharged
  2. Hatch Sealing – to ensure that no contamination and/or cargo loss during passage or stopover in other Ports prior to final destination.
  3. Damage Surveys – investigation of cargo damage or loss claims on behalf of P&I Clubs, carriers, shippers, consignee, etc. to determine possible cause and/or extent of any damage that may have occurred during shipment and to assist in mitigating further losses.
  4. Stevedore and Terminal Damage – the investigation and survey of damage to vessels, terminals equipment, containers, cargo that is alleged to have occurred as the result of handling of equipment, cargo, etc.  

Container Surveys

1. Container Surveys – condition and cleanliness for on/off-hire as per IICL5 rules.

2. Sea Containers – CSC condition survey.

3. Container Cleanliness and Condition Survey – for general suitability to load bulk agricultural / food products.

  1. Container Cargo Surveys – Interglobe Marine Surveyors works with shippers, consignees, underwriters, as well as shipping lines to provide a comprehensive range of cargo surveys and inspections. We specialize in providing on site representation. These services include damage cargo surveys, pre-shipment inspections and container inspections. We can also assist in mitigating damage loss and in the disposal of damaged goods.

    5. Container Inspections – as well as surveys of damaged containerized cargo, we provides stowage, securing, tallying and stuffing inspections of containerized cargo as well as container condition and damage inspections in accordance with owners’ requirements and/or international standards.

    6. IMDG Surveys – We provide surveys for compliance, packaging, stowage and marking/labelling for the shipment of dangerous goods, including radioactive materials.

Cargo Quantity & Quality:

1. Quantity – the determination of the quantity of both dry and liquid bulk cargoes loaded/discharged by draft survey or tank measurement or other means;

2. Quality – verification by representative sampling and testing of the samples, or by other means, that a cargo meets specific parameters;

3. Cargo Measurement – the physical cubic measurement of a particular cargo to determine freight payable and/or for pre-planning stowage.  

Marine Technical Services:

1. Interglobe Marine Surveyors regularly conducts safety inspections, condition survey and marine accident investigations on behalf of bulk carriers and tankers.

  1. Condition Surveys – to determine a vessel’s general or specific condition, determine the bunkers remaining on board, inspecting various documents and certificates, cleanliness of the stow during delivery/redelivery, to/from the time Charter.
  2. Hull and Machinery – Interglobe Marine Surveyors acts as non-exclusive surveyor for the Ship Owner’s underwriters.

Laboratory & Analysis

Interglobe Marine Surveyors uses the government chemist laboratory and other laboratories that uses upto date technology to analyze  samples.  We instruct the laboratory to test on a scope of parameters depending on the nature of cargo and damage.

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